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Comment: The way they will accomplish this feat

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The way they will accomplish this feat

will be to divide and ostracize. Already they have limitations upon certain classes of individuals (ie felons) to keep them from possession of fire arms. There is now a concentrated effort afoot to label any Veteran who seeks treatment for certain disorders to surrender their Second Amendment rights for life once they seek treatment. Wait until the list of maladies under these restrictions is expanded. The felon requirement will be quickly changed to serious misdemeanors and soon after all misdemeanors, including traffic infractions will be cause for them to say you have no respect for the law therefore you can't be trusted with a fire arm. The recent news article identifying all legal fire arm owners in sections of N.Y. state validates my claim that they will attempt to identify us much as they do pedophiles and treat us in the same manner. I'm surprised they haven't already declared a 1500 foot fire arm free radius area in homes around schools.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.