Comment: Finally closed on our family retreat

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Finally closed on our family retreat

My wife and I finally closed on our family retreat. We moved in just before Christmas and plan to get things ready little by little.

It has a farm house, pole barn, large metal workshop building, and plenty of pasture for ranching and trees for firewood. It also has an old truck/tractor oil change pit that we may turn into a storm shelter eventually.

It's pretty secluded, but still near a decent sized town for supplies as well as some recreational areas so we can use it as a vacation home too. The surrounding 700+ acres is basically owned by 2-3 other people.

The property has a large year round creek in addition to the well that is already installed... although we're going to need a new well pump soon. Most of the land is already fenced, but some repairs are needed. We have maybe 1-2 acres beside the house that is fenced on 3 sides already that we'll turn into a garden and chicken range. We're going to plant apple, pear, and fig (maybe some others too) trees in one pasture in the spring.

We'll install a wood burning stove either in the spring or early summer after replacing the carpet and linoleum that's in the house now. We want to get solar power, but that can be expensive so not sure when/if we can get that done. We also want to try our hand at aquaponics, but a higher priority will be getting the chicken coop built. We've got to upgrade the garden and chicken fencing to keep out deer, coyotes, foxes, etc. The pastures and barn also need to be readied for a few head of cattle when needed.

In addition to the retreat, we have some silver but not nearly as much as we need. We have a few guns and some ammo, but need more there as well. Some other items on the wish/to-do list are tractor, chain saw, 4x4 truck, Appleseed training, home fire fighting equipment (pump, hoses, etc.), Big Berkey water filter... among others.

We're certainly more prepared that we were 2 years ago when we woke up, but there is so much to do still.

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