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Whatever works.

We jsut see it a bit differently. This is a student of economics, trying to talk about economic models that have been vilified by his professors will force him to question the value of his education and expertise, and that is the hardest thing for a human to do. If he was asking about anything else - vaccines, 9-11, empire building, police state.... but this is his area of "expertise." It is like trying to tell a doctor "The AMA was founded by Rockefellers" and have them "get it." The doctor is part of the AMA so he KNOWS the members are good people like him doing good work... trying to get them to understand that the entire model for their education was based around pharmaceutical profits is just a leap too far.
When I run up against someone with questions, I try to respond with questions. If they are truly seeking answers, they will go dig for the answers to a hard enough question. If they are trying to prove their expertise, they will answer my question with whatever their "expert opinion" is. If they have an "expert opinion" I let them be. They have to feed themselves, and they rely on their profession to do so. They do not have real questions, they have a desire to make me believe what they believe. If they have no real questions, I talk about the weather.

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