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Comment: Blessings, Paduraru, thanks

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Blessings, Paduraru, thanks

Blessings, Paduraru, thanks for the encouragement. I finished out a semester at chiropractic school. Then, I immediately flied with my wife to visit my family in Connecticut. We had 3 snow-storms in a week and a half, and I love snow. I cannot remember all the puzzles, board games, movies, and meals we shared with my siblings, parents, and grandparents. My grandparents were missionaries in Brazil and their example has been a true stronghold to my personal faith. Now I am back in Tennessee feeling overwhelmed because clinic starts in 2 weeks, I have competency tests P/F, and my second round of board exams. Could you pray for me? Thanks, also, for the videos. They have offered encouragement and thoughtfulness. My school is 4 hours away from my wife and either I or her drive the distance every weekend, but this semester will be different because I have weekend classes. In the past I have always been on the brink of failure, forced to trust in God, and God has lifted me up. I know he will do the same but in this next week and one-half before school starts, I hope to be prepared, but I don't know how to go about it. My wife is working and I have a lot of alone time, without any friends or family, but just my flesh, my spirit, and God. My first step is to refocus on the Lord as I have let slip my time with him while I visited family during Christmas.