Comment: What could have save Adam Lanza's mother's life

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What could have save Adam Lanza's mother's life

For starters even this month insurance companies could start with a $ 3 or $4 a month reduction in their insurance rate.

With guns gun groups, they could team up with smart box fingerprint locking companies to push the lock boxes, and an alarm go off at a central office is the smart controls are messed with, This is probably the only idea that could have save Adam Lanza's mother's life.

She knew her son was dangerous and was trying to get him declared incompetent so he would receive locked up help. Since her son was a computer whiz though she could afford a fingerprint locked box it wouldn't help without a hair-trigger alarm system

If one had to make a report every time the gun was unlocked in a no gun area, there would be a concerted effort got the technologist to put the fingerprint controls right on the gun to make a need for less reports. Police officers are clamoring for fingerprint locks to be produced, they and other gun carriers know how easy it is to be killed with ones own gun.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA