Comment: Just think of how that applies

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Just think of how that applies

to all police action. I just received a citation for expired inspection and they want $130 for this, and my liberty was impaired on the side of the highway, all because his car was equipped with special flashy lights that if I did not pull over and pause my liberty he very well may have purposely damaged my vehicle or worse murdered me, like they did to that couple in Cleveland.

Is this not impoverishment, is this not harassment, is this not an act to subdue the public?

For what? For some arbitrary rules they have created to overrule on your property, not theirs.

Let me ask, If you have a house but the house must be decorated as I see fit, is the house still yours or does it belong to me now?

The very meaning of property is the right to use, possess, and dispose of an item or object. When someone else restricts your right to use, possess, or dispose of an item or object you have been deprived of property.