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Comment: Babies with Hep B moms need to be vaccinated immediately

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Babies with Hep B moms need to be vaccinated immediately

You guys are whacked out. Babies can be protected from HepB with the vaccine. If they don't get vaccinated, they'll get liver cancer and die a terrible, preventable death later on down the road. The vaccine has to be administered after birth. HepB immunity also prevents HepD infection, which would otherwise lead to sure death by hepatic cancer and liver failure.

The vaccine is just the protein shell of the Hepatitis virus produced by recombinant DNA tech in baker's yeast. There is no actual virus in the vaccine, and you consume thousands of times more yeast DNA in a single beer or a piece of bread. There is nothing to be worried about. Your body routine deals with greater dangers every single minute of your microbe-exposed existence.

Stop spreading stupid hysteria over vaccines when you don't know what you're talking about. If it were up to some of you, these diseases would be endemic just like the rest of the world that doesn't have the technology to prevent it.