Comment: this sounds familiar--

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this sounds familiar--

we had a lot of time to prepare for my father's death, too--

and his death was a relief (for him, certainly), because he had suffered so much for so long, and it was also good to know he didn't have to suffer anymore--

It was my last flight, going almost as far away for his funeral, into alien territory, in some ways, back into my distant, distant past--

away from the life I've formed for myself and my spouse and immediate family in a place my father never once set foot--

We were close; we were friends; we understood each other--

and it was hard to see him unliving; he had always been so alive, such a 'character' and a very brilliant man, also with a unique sense of humor.

So, you know what we did? We laughed--

Some people were shocked, but we laughed, and we made people laugh--

two of my siblings and I did, anyway; the other sibling sat there, looking very disapproving of it all, but we didn't care; we had the program, and we did a tribute to dad full of laughter and song (not funeral songs, either, but the songs he knew and loved)--

one older aunt (now finally dead) also heavily disapproved of it--

but the laughter was good--

and pastors can bend a little--

this is for the family after all--

Thank you for taking the time to write this--

airplane trips (I vow never to fly again) can be interesting when you are going to put your loved one at 'rest'--

interesting to watch people--

God (however you perceive him/her) bless you--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--