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craigslist and youtube, baby!

We got hooked up with a source for free 55 gallon barrels, the plastic ones. We have a couple of the bigger totes, but we were giving away barrel-ponics set ups for a while. For the permanent system, we are building a custom tank with pond liner that we will scavenge off craigslist.
Pretty much everything we are doing we got from a youtube video, pretty much everything we are used on our practice systems we got off craigslist. We are buying some materials this time, we want this to last the rest of our lives (and more) but one of the things we want to do is offer seminars that get people STARTED, and so we are trying to show how cheap it can be.
We're looking at those solar panel mounted stirling engines with wind back up for our area. They are stupid expensive to buy, but I think we can build one. "We" being my husband and the mouse with him, I'll feed him and cheer him on...

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