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I was first there in 1999 and

I was first there in 1999 and the last time I went, I think it was 2005? I'd have to double check. First went for travel and all the other times were for work. The work trips were very illuminating. The country is quite corrupt and for good reason... because the government is corrupt and people will always act in their self-interest, even in countries where everything is ostensibly done for "the common good".

Definitely learn some Shanghainese though. I'm telling you, it got an incredible reaction from people and really brightened their day.

People in Shanghai are very proud of their city and are intolerant of the country folk who come looking for work there. I was in a chauffeured car traveling between factories (which is an all-day affair) and our driver nearly ran over a woman carrying a baby who simply walked in front of our car as we were traveling at a very high speed. That scared the hell out of me, but it appeared this was typical behavior for those who come from deep within China. Seemed like they had no regard for personal safety and would just walk into traffic without even looking. Just my impressions. Good luck to you. You'll find the whole experience mind blowing if you've never been to China before.