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Cut and pasted from another post

183 days left until Liberty Day July 4th 2013

One of the most promising avenues in my view today concerns the Redeem in Lawful Money process.

The level of complexity involved in this process can appear to be an insurmountable obstacle - currently.

I hope that my words at this moment, as I type, are powerful enough words that are capable of uncovering the simple truth, the accurate facts, as to why this Redeem in Lawful Money process is a very good way back to Liberty in America, and an achievable goal by July 4th of this year.

The first thing a reader has to do in their own mind, right now, as they read this, is to open that door into their calculating brain and to see how math solves this very simple problem for them, without any need for any other authority of any kind.

The simple fact of having earnings, powerful, honest, blood-sweat-and tears, earnings, being moved from those who earn that power to those who steal it, and use that power to steal more, is a simple, uncontroversial, unambiguous, obvious, and accurately measurable fact. The method by which those earnings are moved from those who earn those accurate measures of power, to those who steal that power, is through the legal power to purchase, or money, which is a money in America that is called Federal Reserve Notes or dollars.

1. Federal Reserve Notes
2. Any other option?

All anyone has to do, anywhere from sea to shining sea, across America, is to count how much they earn each hour, each day, each week, each month, from now until the reality of what is currently happening becomes a current understanding in their own, individual, free thinking, out of the box, inventive, honest, productive, mind.

1. Federal Reserve Notes (not your idea)
2. Any other option, anything other than the one non-option?

Count, using math, exactly how much of your hard earned, competitive, productive, capacity to make life better, to make life cost less, count, count, each minute, each hour, each day, your earnings, and know that you do not have to let another penny be taken from you and have that stolen penny used by very evil people to steal more from you. Count on those facts, do that now, do that a second from now, do that and start counting down the days before enough of us have had enough of it, and we demand something better sooner.

1. Federal Reserve Notes
2. Pennies

We are the honest people. We are the productive people. We are the only ones funding any increase in any standard of living for anyone, and who is gaining these increases in the standard of living if not us, and who is finding a steady reduction in the cost of living if not us, and if it is not us, the honest productive people, then something is very wrong, and it is well past time to produce, honest, remedy.

1. Federal Reserve Notes
2. Honest remedy, earn our earnings.

Why settle for nothing but the best at work, which is a necessary goal, a positively oriented demand, a requirement to produce anything of value in a competitive world, and then settle for less when dealing with the so called government and the so called money we share? Why settle for nothing less than a fair deal in each trade during each transaction in each work experience in each town, each city, each county, each State, each place on this Planet Earth, and then why settle for complete and utter slavery at the hands of well paid liars in inaccessible, remote, untouchable legal fictions?

1. Competitive options
2. Federal Reserve Notes

Don't count on me, or anyone else, to make sure that you know the score, it is right in your face now, and it is coming to a theater near you, mass torture, mass slaughter, End Times, Fiscal Cliff, Gun Confiscation, Forced Labor, total, complete, slavery, because of this abject belief in falsehood without question. It isn't about me, it isn't about someone other than you pointing these facts to you, it is about you, your ability to provide for yourself, to provide for your family, to make life better, to make life last a few more generations, and to pass onto your children, and to pass onto your grandchildren, and to pass onto posterity, something resembling that which your parents, and that which their grandparents, passed onto you, which is, in a word: Liberty.

It is so simple to measure, using math, just look at your own account, see the facts, know the facts, and then begin to work toward a way to stop that steadily increasing flow of your Power to Purchase, with dollars, flowing from you, as you produce that power yourself, and as that power flows to very evil people who then use that power you made to make you make more power for them to steal.

If you see the simplicity of the problem from a mathematical certainty, if nothing is done to stop this march into an American Gulag, an American Economic Collapse, an American Police State, an American Slave Nation, an American Hell on Earth, a mathematical certainly if nothing is done to stop the flow of power from those who produce it, flowing, every second flowing, in dollars, to those who steal it and use that power to steal more, if nothing is done, your children and their children will be less able to exist in anything remotely resembling peace, let alone having the power of Liberty.

So the readers may be aware of the problem and in an accurate way, measured in dollars, as the saying goes:

No good deed goes unpunished.

Work harder, work two jobs, both parents work harder, both parents work two jobs, the kids start work earlier, the kids have to start two jobs, and the kids can't afford a place of their own, on and on, and all of which is measured in dollars.

So what is an honest Joe going to do to stop the flow of power from those who earn it to those who steal it and use that stolen power to steal more, and more, and more, and more, until everything of any value is gone, and all the slaves are at each other's throats for the rest of our time on Earth until no one has any time left to do anything productive and those who stole everything consume everything they stole too?

Redeem your earnings in lawful money?

No, not just that, but that does look very promising, a way out, a good way out, and the value of that process may become a fashionable demand demanded by more people the second after you read this, and then more people as you spread the word too, and the seed of Liberty is planted again in the minds of the productive POWER in this America.

1. Those who settle for Federal Reserve Notes, not even thinking about it.
2. Those who begin to look for, and find, competitive options.

Watch how this works, please. Watch other people demanding Liberty in this way. See how it works. Look for it. You may settle for less - now. You may settle for your earnings to be swept away by 12 men in a room, as those 12 men double their money supply, and you know this to be true by now. You know the meaning of the term inflation, even if you do not know about the 12 people at the Federal Reserve. You settle for having your power stolen this way, now, but watch other people demand something better than that which you settle for: which is less.

You let those frauds at The Federal Reserve steal you blind, for now.



Other people are not as weak as you.

Other people in America demand better.

Other people in America are demanding that their earnings are to be redeemed, not stolen, but redeemed, and you start counting too. Count every minute at work, as the clock ticks, while you settle for less, and while your fellow Americans do not settle for less, as they demand their earnings to be keep by themselves, you let your earnings be stolen from you.

Start counting now, or soon, start counting at work, each dollar that you allow to go unredeemed is another dollar that you allow to be used by very evil people to steal more power from you, and you now have the power to stop them in their tracks, but you don't care, so you let that power be taken.

You don't want to expend any effort to redeem your earnings in lawful money.

Go ahead.

Lend moral and material support to the enemies of good people, and know that what you are doing is punishing yourself for the good work, the productive work, the honest work, that you do, and continue from now until judgement day with this process you allow, you finance, you perpetuate, yourself. Aid and abet the worst human evil that ever discredited our species until that process consumes you and everything you ever loved.

Make my day.

Look at what some other people are doing, and look at how fast the wave of revolution builds, and grows, and sweeps over this land like a bright sun rising in the morning, growing warmer each minute.

Before I close this work of mine, this offering from an average Joe, from me to you, given generously, I can offer some simple evidence as to the concept of this remedy.

If you do not demand lawful money you do not get it. If you do not demand lawful money you are paid with an elastic money instead of lawful money, and this is not good for you or for any other productive American. Your power is stolen with elastic money, and the choice of the word "elastic" should clue you in. Like the words "enhanced interrogation techniques" the simple fact is that very bad people are doing very bad things on your dime.

If you were paid in dimes, you would not be paid in elastic money, unless the dimes were silver when you had them, and then those same dimes were cardboard when they were deposited in the bank.

1. Silver dimes
2. Cardboard signs (will work for Federal Reserve Notes)

So this Joe guy, the one writing this message to you, steps into the area of complexity, writing about lawful money, elastic money, and inflation, and you may not fully understand the significance of the problem, and you may not understand the significance of one of the solutions. You may not understand the complexity of the one problem, which is a steadily growing monopoly power, and you may not understand the simple fact that the solution is an increasing number of people finding at least one of the many simple solutions.

1. Only a Licensed, Union, Central Banker, authority: knows.
2. Any average Joe can figure it out.

Redeeming lawful money is one simple solution. You earn a living and your earnings are measured accurately as dollars and when you earn enough to start saving any of that power you earned: place that power in a bank. Simple stuff, easy stuff, anyone knows these facts, there are numbers on an account, in a bank, and the units of earnings are dollars. You earn dollars. You deposit those earnings in a bank.

1. Federal Reserve Notes (good enough for government work)
2. Not Federal Reserve Notes, but Lawful Money instead (a demand)

Now, look, and see, and ask, and then demand, and know, the better choice, with two choices in front of you, once you see, once you know, and this is very basic, fundamental, real, and fully accountable to you.

Will you demand lawful money or will you allow your earnings to be elastic instead?

But Joe, you are confusing me.

I've heard this all my life, and I've been the school idiot. I've been the family fool. I've been the odd one out, all my life. Sure, I get that, a lot. That was then, this is now, and now people are listening - as never before - in my experience.


Start the process where it counts: in between your ears.

Do you want to keep your earnings or not?

Do you want to allow your earnings to be stolen and used by people who are very bad, used by those bad people to steal more from you, and to steal more from other people?

Do you want a choice in front of you?

Here it is, and you can refuse to look at it for as long as you can afford to not look at a competitive choice, but only for that length of time, and when there is no choice left, it may be too late then.

Now is the time to look, now is the time to choose Liberty.

Demand lawful money and do not settle for any more counterfeit. It is simple, you don't need me, or any other authority to spell it out, just demand it, demand the stuff that is not elastic, demand the stuff that is not counterfeit, demand your earnings to be deposited as real money, lawful money, and see what happens.

You go to the bank, you tell the teller at the bank, you demand that your earnings be deposited as lawful money.

See what happens.

If you don't get it, you don't "get it" - yet - but let the idea work on you, some, a little bit for now, each working minute, each day, each month, let the concept work on you, as you still have the choice, before the window closes for good.

Once the window closes, there will be no more good.