Comment: I've got a mile of road

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I've got a mile of road

shared with three neighbors.. none who are able to do any road work.. So I do the road work. Actually, I'm very good at it as my patches last long.. I use 1" river rock and 3/4" crushed rock. The truth is.. the road needs to be scraped and rebuilt, but the sum of the neighbors can't afford that since the county closed down the gravel yards and rock has to be hauled in from 70 miles away..

When there are no resources, or resources are expensive and you don't have the labor/help, one either needs to park the truck a mile from home and walk, relocate, or get some help to rebuild the road.

Where the road meets the highway, there are other issues.. besides dead animals, trash (that could be dangerous), overgrowth, gullies clogged.. and I'm out there doing my best..

But let me tell you... this year.. Thank God CAL Trans, because they have equipment I don't, and they came through this area around September.. cleared the sides of the road including removing overgrown trees that blocked the view, that I had trimmed and trimmed,, but did not have the abilty to fell the trees as some had to come down over the road to be removed.. they made repairs and I'm LOVING the work they did, still.. made surviving the winter storms easier..

I know my aged, disabled neighbors, would LOVE to help me.. they tip me, everyone has offered to take me to dinner or lunch, they say THANK you and compliment me all the time, because they are damn grateful I'm hauling and packing that road, and I do really good work..

Which brings me to what I believe is the BIGGEST problem.. Trash Trucks.. Trash trucks tear the road up (they know it and they challenge my repairs and my repairs are sustaining.. I do not use county waste disposal. I have very little waste.. all paper is burned (fire starter).. all scraps are either composted or fed to the chickens.. which leaves me very little remaining.. plastic I try to get away from purchasing anything with plastic.. Our county has banned plastic bags, now working on plastic I usually take my little bag of plastic items to the soup kitchen and put it in the recycling container. As for glass.. I build glass bottle walls..

As long as county, state, contracted services, like trash trucks are using and wearing out the roads, as people are many times unable or unwilling to break their backs hauling repairing roads.. I am grateful for the contracts the county and city make to keep the roads open.