Comment: Okay, this is EXACTLY what I was talking about..

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Okay, this is EXACTLY what I was talking about..

You say "I" can't imagine? Seriously dude, you really need to think things through before you post. Just stating things isn't proof that they'd work and it isn't giving examples of imagination. I CAN see how education would work in a free market.. that one is really easy. It's one of the reason I supported Dr.Paul because he wants the same things.

"As of current, if you do not pay the state for licenses, registration, inspection, and the taxes that go towards roads, you cannot travel on them."

Not true entirely.. some people don't pay them. Some people take taxis, ride bikes, ride buses. Now the taxes might be figured into taxis and buses but not in bikes.

"The only thing that will be different is that we will have MANY different roads that will compete with each other.

This competition will bring roads down to a market-level cost."

Very shortsighted. I have one way to get to work. If you sell that road to a private company, you essentially trade my only way to work, from government to big corp. Still a monopoly. Where would that competing road theory come into play if there's only one road to my job? I suppose I could get a pilots license and fly OVER that guys newly acquired monopoly.

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