Comment: Physics and Chemistry

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Physics and Chemistry

Yes! I like to say that many libertarians are born, and the government makes the rest.

My Dad's an INTJ, too, and so is one of my brothers. The whole reason I registered to vote "Libertarian" was because the Libertarians on the ballot listed professions like "Physicist," "Math Teacher," "Software Engineer," "Economist," "Statistician," or "Chemist," instead of "incumbent."

They, more than anyone, understand that force does not work without consequences, and I don't just mean an "equal and opposite reaction," but these are the people who don't just believe things they're told, especially if it doesn't make sense! And they'll find a way around it. We grow up knowing that we don't want our fellow voters, their elected representatives, and government employees making any decisions for us.

Everyone else who becomes libertarian does so because some statist harmed them or others they love, or they otherwise saw the failure, corrupting influence, mass inefficiency, or other harms of government first hand.

What do you think?