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Your supposition of private ownership

is interesting. We here in Pa. have a private road that runs from one side of the state to the other as well as a part that runs north to south. It actually would be more appropriate to call it semi private. It is managed and run by a state government appointed commission and is actually owned by the state.It is currently under going a bit of growing pains, it was built in the fifties and most bridges were designed with a 50 year life span. It is definitely a harbor of political patronage and I do imagine any undertaking which would require the taking of property for eminent domain to construct a new highway would also bee rife with political appointees. Those judges know who to repay and they all have relatives.
One other issue that would be worth addressing, the roads of today were mostly designed in the 1950's when this nation had a very vibrant rail road industry. Unfortunately the government found it politically expedient to toss the railroads under the proverbial bus during the 1960's to curry favor with the Teamsters. This caused an incredible amount of heavy truck traffic to appear almost instantaneously on our highways. The toll upon our highways and infrastructure was and is incredible. If you can, go find a road that is not used for heavy truck traffic and compare it to an interstate road. Not that I'm bitchin, I'm in the industry and make a very comfortable living dealing with the Governments misguidance.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.