Comment: Last night the wind picked up

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Last night the wind picked up

Last night the wind picked up and made a strange bumping noise that sounded like someone walking around our patio banging repeadly on our back door. I live in a rural area near an abandoned house so there is always a concern about vagrants. Anyway I grabbed my HD shotgun and went to check things out. It ended up being nothing but it was an empowering experience to know that if there was a serious issue, I had the tools to deal with it and defend myself and my girlfriend. When I returned, she mentioned that it made her feel so much safer knowing that I had it.

To hell with anyone that wants to take that away. As an American I will take personal responsibiity for my own actions and security. I hate the whole bleeding heart 'violence is bad and its better to be a victim and hope it wasnt worse' mentality that liberals have. Our media outlets love to plaster any random acts of violence that inveriably show up in any country but will refuse to acknoledge the system violence that our Politicians propagate on a daily basis from Drone Strikes to late night police raids as if having a special hat and a badge makes the violence any more acceptable and not as traumatic for its victims.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.