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What was profound (((((1988vote)))))))

Was what was happening...

One night within a week of my Mom's death, my Father decided to "entertain us", by playing the movie "UP", which his girlfriend, who my Mother passionately loathed, invited to his house. My Father had this woman sit in my Mom's chair, and he wanted us to accept her.

The movie would not play. No one could figure out what was wrong with the movie.. We were all greiving and my Father was driving us out of our minds forcing this woman on us.. when the woman left.. the movie played.

For weeks.. everywhere I went, lights would flicker.. I was finding things without looking for them.. and my Mom came to me in dreams.. She would tell me.. "I love you very very very very much".

What happened to me and my family.. it would make a great screen play (I've been told many times), because it was so tragic...

To this day, my Mother comes to me in dreams and tells me things, gives me advice.. I hear her voice.. I smell her.. what I can't do is put my arms around her and kiss her a million times.