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I had not expected this thread to get past the first few views. We're facing a lot of scary chit that happening all around us. So much fraud going on... would be really nice to not have to face that alone.

Also many of us have unfortunately turned off the family... friends... and become basically loners. It kinda comes with the territory. Many of us are isolated - even local groups perhaps have a dozen people or so if that... It's the fear that is sold wholesale that prevents us from getting together.

Not too many of us want to reveal who we are online too. You got DHS putting peace activists (which is prob the common cord that binds us) on "potential terrorist" lists. As you know most cops are more interested in their own safety than serving the public. If they are told someone with a Ron Paul bumper sticker might "potentially" be "armed and dangerous" then they are MOST LIKELY armed and dangerous.

Every day I get up and look over the news hoping "maybe today is the day." Maybe today is the day when these FEDeral agency guys (the good ones) will actually grow a pair.

If I had a badge I'd go and start arresting them myself. This is why people like us are systematically filtered out from any kind of law enforcement positions. Anyone who asks questions... or reads the doc they're being asked to take an oath to - those folks can't be "public servants."

Even if I don't find "her" with the aid of this post... I really hope if a pair of you do get together you'll come back here and share with the rest of us - I have lived vicariously through others for a least the past few years. Before my last GF I was single for about another two years before that. I don't bother looking anymore... because the odds of me seeing someone on the street who actually believes in the ideas of "freedom and liberty" who is attractive, about my age (mid 40s)... not married... no LTR... are like 1 in 1000 anyway if that...

I don't have time to filter though thousands of women and at the same time "get my fix" which is like a 24/7 fix... of trying to find new ways to get people to start asking their own independent questions... think for themselves... etc...

ramble ramble ramble...

I have this burning picture in my head of how the world will be when WE complete OUR mission. All this sacrifice will be well worth it. I'm convinced of that. We currently live on 5% of our labor energy.. the rest is stolen from us by the banksters through the money system in some way shape or form.

Imagine you are building a house one day all by yourself. A few weeks later after busting your rump 19 other people show up to help you? Imagine accessing that other 95% and adding that to the quality of your life... investments in your pursuit of happiness?

Since I've drained my finances over the last few years in legal battles (I stay very private about that) my resources are very limited. I've given everything to the cause except my life itself. So in as full a disclosure as I can put it out there online - I'm dead broke. I currently live in an RV a really great American bought for me because she found out I was basically hitch-hiking around the country with a backpack.

I currently live on someone's land who is also a really awesome being and in exchange for an RV hookup I help with chores and such and also the knowledge in law that I've gained for some private issues she wants to handle. I can tell you that there is NO JUSTICE for the "little people" in the courts. Recent events have shown that to be true and every Ron Paul supporter is now aware of it if you've followed Ron Paul for at least a year. We need a new system. We need to start over from scratch... but there is NO NEED to kill anyone in order to accomplish that...PM me for details...

I refuse to support tyranny in any way shape or form. I will not contribute to drone bombings on people... just like us... in other countries. People that have families. People that hurt just as bad as we do when we lose a loved one. Children who have lost mom or dad... or in some cases BOTH mom and dad!

I will not finance THAT system in any way. I very very very rarely buy gas. I won't pay for a license to do anything. I will not use banks. I do not use credit cards. I wouldn't even have this gas chugging RV if someone hadn't hounded me enough till I finally said I would take their money and buy it... and it hasn't moved from here since I bought it.

In the last few years I have lived a life very similar to that of the prophets - Someone would pick me up on the road and we'd have great conversations... the stuff I would tell them about would open their eyes... almost every time I'd get dropped of they'd say "I'm really glad I decided to stop."

I've been given a gift that very few receive. The reason is because you have to lose all your material belongings in order to receive it. That gift is to be shown the beauty in other people. The kindness of COMPLETE strangers when none of my "friends" or family would lift a finger to help me. In return for their kindness I helped open their eyes. I've panhandled for money... had to get REAL honest with people about who I was and why I was in that position in order for them to shell out a few bucks.

I can safely say a majority here at DP have NO IDEA HOW DEEP THE RABBIT HOLE IS.... but I feel like that tide is turning. I see the Daily Paul as a "bridge" between what's really going on and what we're all being told. Thank you Michael for everything you've done to help spread the message of liberty.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions. In THIS country we are SUPPOSED to ask questions. I haven't seen my kids in a few years due to some court battles over home schooling and their mother basically being a complete sheeple. I didn't want my kids indoctrinated any longer. I wanted them to learn to think outside the box... ask questions... learn how to filter through internet BS... be unique and not just another child soldier serving in the public school in order to "get a good job with a good company."

I want them to be entrepreneurs... be job creators (if of course they choose to be). I want to pay attention to them and if they take a liking to something... do whatever it takes to help them pursue it. There is no PASSION in life any more. Look around. There's all these people walking around like zombies... they hate their job... they hate their boss... the only reason they can't be called "slaves" is because they get "paid" with these pieces of paper that banksters get for free????

ramble ramble ramble....

I haven't seen them in a few years... restraining orders over EMAIL that I sent when we split up and my children were stolen from me at GUNPOINT... long story... but the last time I ever physically harmed anyone was like 15 years ago - and I really felt the guy deserved it... even though I wish I hadn't punched him in the nose... and felt real bad when he was lying on the ground. I definitely didn't feel "powerful" I felt like I was wrong for seeking this guy out for TALKING about me and SAYING certain things. I didn't think the punishment fit the crime... why did I care so much what someone thought of me or said about me that I had to physically harm him?


Soldiers don't see their children for years and when they come back they are given medals and parades because of what they've done... which is DEPLORABLE... and many of them will tell you. Many of them can't live with the guilt anymore as you can see in the news.

People like us... the TRULY brave ones... who search for truth, ask questions and don't buy the BS that's being peddled in order so that elites can gobble up more power... we're somehow the bad seeds. The media makes us look VERY unattractive.

I've been told what an awful father I am that I don't just take the path of least resistance so that I can be spending time with my children. What kind of a father am I if I am not making sure they have a free country to live in when they grow up? I think the irresponsible father is the one watching football on Sundays who pays his taxes which funds the future enslavement of his very own children.

Even just a few years ago if I needed some extra money I could wait tables... which I actually enjoy because I do enjoy talking with people. Now you need a "food license" to do that? Kids are getting busted for selling lemonade. The stuff in the bible about not being able to "buy or sell" unless you wear "the mark" is a reality today for me. It makes it very difficult to not fund tyranny and make a decent living wage.

I apologize for getting really frustrated with some on here who really don't seem to realize how bad things are... such as the folks who are even thinking about 2016 when it's not clear we're even going to make it out of 2013 alive...

Just thought I'd get a bit deeper into "who I am" without having to present ID ;-)