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I can see it working for an INTJ male if both of them are fairly traditional in their role expectations, but maybe it's me, I can't imagine living with an E, F, or P, even though those are the traits easiest to compromise on: Extraverts can go out leaving the Introverts alone time; Feeling types can help Thinkers express themselves, and Thinkers can help Feeling types not kick the computer; Judging types can make the critical decisions, and let the Perceptives gather data for as long as they want to on the minor ones.

But I'm a well-adjusted INTJ and don't need much help that way. I'd rather be able to just say things and not have them taken the wrong way because the person I'm talking to doesn't imagine I'm attacking them when I'm not. I can see the appeal of an ENFP hubby, but I think my overwhelming feeling would be maternal (ick).

The iNtuitive match is the most important, however, as otherwise the couple are living in two different universes altogether (one sees a brickpile, the other sees a barbeque, walkway, counterweight, or potential lizard habitat). My parents had a Mulder/Scully relationship (INT/IST), and it was great for the kids, but they were in different worlds.

What do you think?