Comment: I know where you are coming from

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I know where you are coming from

I was 42 when I lost my father, to whom I was very close. We lived about 15 miles apart, so I saw him frequently, and he was always available for me to call. He passed about a decade ago, and I still find myself wanting to call him when I see something funny or interesting, or if I don't know how to fix something (he was a master at fixing things around the house, me, not so much.)

Relish the memories of your father. You will always miss him, but that also means he will always be with you in those memories.

I'm not saying anything new or revolutionary, obviously. As you said, this is one of the times when there are no adequate words. Like others have said, I am very sorry for your loss and wish for you the strength to get through the things you need to do.