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Except you're wrong about your medicine claims

And frankly, you're claim about the professors and economics is off, too.

OP's friend is an internet liberal. The word 'plutocracy' was introduced into the discourse recently by Krugman, and now the keyboard dictators spend hours on end circlejerking each other and describing a 'plutocracy' straw man anarchy hell. Spend an hour on if you don't believe me.

College professors lean liberal, and every once in awhile one will do something outrageously liberal, but it is not some indoctrination center that so many non-college people (ahem ALEX JONES) portray it as. I came out of college LIBERTARIAN AS FUCK, as did many of my friends (many of whom are still in college). College is what you make it and what extracurricular literature you read.

Also, the entire model of education is not based on pharmaceutical profits. Most doctors are not in the AMA (only 20% or so). There is a ton of backlash against socialism in medicine and doctors are divided politically. Vaccines don't have backlash because the scientific evidence supporting them is overwhelming.

Fishlyculture, you personally hate pharmaceuticals and you are twisting reality to match your worldview. You aren't making progress convincing doctors of your beliefs because they went through the medical education and YOU DID NOT. The people believing you are the people who also did not go through it. I am smack dab in the middle of it right now and all I can do is laugh at you about most of your claims about medical school and medicine. Do you think I am getting a paycheck from Pfizer? Give me a break.