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I had occasion last summer

to defend my life and property against a pack of about a dozen eyes in the dark... One shot and those man-eating deer hopped away like giant bunnies... But hey, I am a woman who sometimes has to be alone very late into the night in a very remote area, there are coyotes and wolves all around, and we have seen cougar on our property and a neighbor has a bear on his land. The deer shouldn't have scared me like that. (I fired into the ground 20 feet in front of them, I just wanted them to go away, not hurt them even if they were predators.)
Imiagine if you will....
"9-1-1. What's your emergency?"
"There's a pack of something on my property."
Yeah, they really want that call. And to send the Sheriff out so he can get there 45 minutes after the animals have left, take a look at a few hoof prints and say "Yep. Something was here."
No, they do not want to make the run, I do not want to make that call. And, I want to be able to scare off deer-bunnies when they scare me.

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