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Comment: If you believe in God it means God

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If you believe in God it means God

created all of this, including human beings. If you make something, you OWN that something. You are in charge of that something. If there is a God and I believe there is, He's in charge and He makes the rules.

If there is a God, He is all-knowing, all-holy, all-powerful, and all-just. Human beings are wicked, vile, sinful creatures and no all-holy God would let vile, wicked, sinful creatures into his holy heaven because the second that vile, wicked, sinful human being set foot in heaven, heaven would no longer be heaven. It in turn would be corrupted by the presence of that vile, wicked, sinful human being.

The only way there can be communion between our all-holy, all-powerful, all-just Creator and wicked, vile, sinful human beings is if wicked, vile, sinful human beings are made holy in God's sight. That's why Jesus came to earth. God judged, condemned, and punished Jesus for your wickedness and my wickedness so, we could be holy in God's sight.

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