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Comment: Calm Down People -- THEY will NOT come for your GUNS

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Calm Down People -- THEY will NOT come for your GUNS

Just look at the latest sales reports for December for the AR-15 alone, hahahahaha.

They want you to trade your FRNs (not for Gold), not for bitcoins, rather, guns/ammo.

There are 300M guns in America -- probably 301 or 302M as of December, hahahaha.

Here's what you do IF (they wont) IF they come for your guns:

Note -- They will not go to every home at the same time; they will need you to be home when they come -- so they will announce when your neighborhood is up.

Step 1 -- Take your favorite guns and 95% of your ammo to cousin Elroy's.

Step 2 -- Keep a few "junk guns" around the house, one's you wont mind "letting go" and a few boxes of ammo.

Step 3 -- Give them "junk guns" and ammo with a smile and a thank you

Step 4 -- Retrieve guns the following day from cousin Elroy.

Step 5 -- Do the same for cousin Elroy when they come for his guns


No need to shoot anyone -- that was just ridiculous.


Step 1 -- Take knife, staff, and machete training

Step 2 -- Carry knife, walk with staff, holster the machete (legal to do so as long as it's visible)

Step 3 -- Feel like a bad ass (cuz you are)