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Comment: Have to agree with what you said here, in part..

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Have to agree with what you said here, in part..

No one gets into the next higher dimension, we think of as Heaven, until they SEEK God and re-establish their connection to God-Consciousness while they are here on Earth. Jesus established his conscious connection to God because that is what he came here to do and he was seeking God. He tried to show us an example of what to do while we are here. SEEK GOD!

No one is allowed into the next grade or higher level until they pass the test here, and the test is "can you reconnect with God consciousness while you are on earth"? God does not think we are wicked or vile! We and God chose this test as an experience. There are many other planets and universes and experiences we can choose. (in my Father's house are many mansions John14:2)

No matter how horrendous our confused behavior, God forgives and keeps giving us chances in all the lifetimes we need to evolve and come back to God! You are right; you don't get to go UP a level until you are READY, like in grade school. You are not vile and wicked. That is church talk to control you.