Comment: This was over 20 days agao,

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This was over 20 days agao,

so there is less than 160 days to pass a ccw law ;) The bad thing is the law can be really restrictive depending on who writes it. There has already been one bill that has been voted on in the state legislature, but it got shut down, because of the reason mentioned.

However, there is wind of some wanker who is going to try to get a whole out gun ban with confiscation rammed through the legislature and signed by Pat Quinn and Friday.

My question to the DP, if the SC has ruled that Chicago and DC citizens have a right to handguns, can any body in congress pass legislation taking them away without passing an amendment to repeal the 2ndA? Congress cannot over rule the SC otherwise. Feinstein's(is that how you spell it? Ohwell IDK) bill classifies a broad range of arms as "assult rifles," but isn't it dead in the water?

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