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Can't believe I even replied to this

No doctor is going to risk not vaccinating as it would be an act of negligence when perinatal transmission of HBV is several orders of magnitude more likely than any reaction. Consent doesn't mean anything when Mom comes back to sue the hospital, or when the hospital has to use public (read: it's own) money and time to treat liver cancer down the road instead of a simply vaccinating. These are the problems you run into when Doctors are forced to treat the collective instead of the individual.

//"Tell me how a virus, or bacteria that is injected intramuscularly that by passes our body's natural immune defenses is the same as an injection?"

You mean the same as an infection? Vaccines don't bypass the immune system by being injected into a muscle. That's the whole point of injecting them.

//"Now lets just take a look at what is really in the HepB vaccine, and the adverse effects of those components."

Yeah, let's look at those components.

There's more aluminum in breast milk, and those sulfates are the other half of the aluminum salt used to enhance antigen response. The redness and pain at the injection site are normal body responses to the Al salts. Some are more sensitive than others. This has nothing to do with vaccines against diseases, but it's the best way to deliver them so far.

Nobody uses formaldehyde anymore to keep things sterile in manufacturing. Most don't use it as a preservative. This isn't the 40s. Your body makes more naturally than would be found in any vaccine.

Phosphate buffers keep pH neutral-- if they were toxic in vaccines, your baby would die instantly after drinking a drop of Gatorade. These help keep the recombinant yeast alive while they live in and feed on soy peptone and dextrose. The yeast protein is actually the viral protein coat they're engineered to produce. The Aluminum (mineral) salts stir up the immune system along with these foreign proteins such that your body is primed and ready to kill the real deal without having to introduce any viral DNA/RNA/genetic info whatsoever.

Most of the laboratories that produce these vaccines are super clean and produce a pure, safe product. I will concede that you are more likely to have problems when the vaccines are compounded (mixed with other vaccines to create a single, more convenient shot) since a lot of compounding pharmacies don't maintain the same kind of standards as a lot of big laboratories do internally. Thus, all of those ingredients are listed by legal for disclosure in the event that they're found in trace amounts.