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Comment: Call your local sheriff.

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Call your local sheriff.

Ask him if he will be supporting any kind of gun ban or gun grab. Most of these people don't even watch the news. They probably have no idea what's going on.

If he says "absolutely not" then volunteer for the posse. THINK folks if your "organization" does not have "legitimacy" then public opinion can be built up against you.

The Sheriff's posse is still recognized as a "lawful" body and I wish more people at the DP would start calling up their local sheriffs... regardless of their political leanings... and volunteer for the posse. At least demonstrating that you care about the public you can sway them from the push-button indoctrination of treasonous organizations like the SPLC.

If you look at any situation where someone has shot a cop - there was a wave of public indoctrination against that "group" - research Jerry Kane and his idiotic views about "pushing him around" - he basically screwed the entire sovereign movement by not just handling the issue in court.

They WANT you to start CHEST THUMPING and are BANKING on a CIVIL WAR. Time is on OUR side... not theirs...

Also.. another thing on that. It wasn't him that started it... but because he had filled his kid's head with a bunch of stuff about all these public servants being the bad guys - the kid got out of the van and opened fire... at that point what do you do if you're dad? I guess you're all in since it was your fault he shot anyone in the first place.

Now SPLC pushes this "sovereign citizen" crap which is a contradiction in terms. A citizen is a subject... a sovereign is a king. How can you be a "King-Subject?"