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I think

that the whole Cullerton gun ban/confiscation bill might be a ploy to force pro-carry senators into sitting down and actually work with anti-gunners on CCW bill they now have to implement. Pro-carry side doesn't have to do squat now and could technically stall all carry bills until 180 days is over. If that were to happen the entire portion of Illinois law that regulates carrying guns would be invalid. So , in effect, municipalities without any home-rule preemptions would automatically have concealed carry (consitutional carry as it's also called. You buy a gun, you put it in your pocket. Done). Those that do would potentially be liable for uncertain lawsuits. So in other words - it's a win-win for our side, whether they agree on CCW or not.

I'm pretty sure they are aware of that and are now coming up with ridiculous bans in order to force us to accept whatever their limitations on CCW may be. That's my 2c.