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Comment: That's not confirmation that's "rumor"

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That's not confirmation that's "rumor"

All of this is to boost gun sales.

Guns are not like drugs -- it would be pretty easy to control their distribution -- if "they" wanted too.

Maybe, instead, they've looked at the wild-arse fluctuations in gun sales every time they mention legislation -- just mentioning it by-the-by.

Regardless -- Apply the above formula because when they come there are three things that must happen: They must notify (they need you home), They can't confiscate all guns at once (IMPOSSIBLE), and They will not have "accurate" records.

It took me less than 5mins to come up with that -- imagine how creative people will get.

We just can't be telling people to shoot cops or anyone because legislation tells them to confiscate -- people will be killed and go to prison for-life.

Gov't is inept, just "fool them" like I suggest.