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Comment: Maybe the sheriff will initiate an investigate into *who*

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Maybe the sheriff will initiate an investigate into *who*

chose the targets in The Dark Knight Rises and changed the names of locations from how they appear on the official Gotham map. The location on the original map shown as "South Hinkley" was changed to "Sandy Hook" for the map used in the movie to show the first target. See original map at Huffington Post:

The prop master for the film was from Newtown, CT. Could a father of three children possibly rename the town to reflect - as a target - the name of his town's elementary school? Not likely, but in any event, he was killed in a car accident prior to the film's release. If not him, then whom?

It's not necessarily some nefarious plot. It could be that the map in the movie somehow provided some sick motivation for Sandy Hook. Or it could just be a coincidence. Still, with schools being closed because of this re other targets, an investigation is warranted.

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