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Comment: In a free market, they would not be able to sustain prices...

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In a free market, they would not be able to sustain prices...

Your whole argument and that of others is missing a very crucial part of my argument or you're willfully skipping over it.

If I have only one way to my job or grocery store. What do you suppose the likely-hood of building a road adjacent to the existing road would be?

The free market thing is arbitrarily thrown out as a fix all when it's clear that the majority of the people who toss it out, that I've seen, don't have any idea how to implement it.

Especially in this case. Free market is, in my mind, a fix all for almost everything on the planet but in this deal, the logistical issues alone, would be impractical.. That's the way he has offered it up.

I've thought a lot about this, because I want to be able to explain my position very well and not have someone eat away at it because I didn't think it through.

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