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Comment: he's caught up in the zeitgeist

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he's caught up in the zeitgeist

So, is the Sheriff crazy?
more like overly cautious not wanting to get blamed if anything happens. better to just waste tax payers money than lose his job. i suspect a private based law enforcement corporation would think twice and use more caution when the money allocated would potential harm the bottom line.
he's caught up in the zeitgeist. the same phenomenon happens all the time with people who view msm all day. a few classic examples are the shark week stuff where everyday they report shark attracts and people get scared or killer bees or bad weather whatever it is, right now it's "guns" are bad and going to kill you if we don't ban them. that's what i'm focused on fighting in the short time we have.

Do you think he will send unarmed officers to patrol the schools?
i would think not and don't see the relationship to the previous question or what that has to do with anything?

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