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Comment: Problem solved. NO BRAINER

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Problem solved. NO BRAINER


I was a smoker for 30 years, picked up a quality vaporizer (e-cig) 2 years ago. Never looked back.

- No toxins

- 10% of the cost

- No nasty smell

- No coughing

- Tastes 1000x better

- No ashes, ashtrays

- No wheezing, coughing, hacking, spitting

- No secondhand smoke.

- No nicotine jones

If you are smoker - it is a literal no-brainer.

If you are fighting the switch ("Its not the same! I need my Marlboros!") ... sorry, but you are conditioned to believe that.

If you know the facts, are pointed to a quality e-cig that works well, and you still don't switch?

You are a fool.

Oh - and if you believe that smoking carcinogens, pollutions, and toxins into your lungs over years and years at (in some cases) $10.00 a pack (!!) leads to anything but poverty, sickness, and death?

You are an even bigger fool.