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Comment: Euro Pacific... mehh

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Euro Pacific... mehh

I had an account with them, then I left. I got a broker that was a fool. He tried to tell me that the FED would not allow the gold price to rise and put me in a bunch of other crap, losing me quite a packet of money (2008). He was eventually fired. I was understandably not pleased. I had to take a penalty on a trade he made when I decided to leave EuroPac. I finally was able to talk to Peter about it, who is a reasonable and genuine man, and he offered to reimburse me if I stayed, but I had had it with his staff.

I like Peter, and I think he will be proven right over time, though his short-term calls have been off. I did not enjoy being his client though. The staff was not exactly helpful, and sometimes downright rude. They used to clear through NY Mellon which is one of those NYC banks as well... I think EuroPac was a good firm when it was smaller, but there's alot of people working there now, and the growth hasn't done many good things for customer service. They're also very into using the Perth mint, which seems kind of hinky to me. I don't want my money tied up in any government agency no matter how legit they seem to be.

If you have a good broker at EuroPac, you'll probably be fine, but they wouldn't be my first choice. If you had the funds, I'd look at Puplava or Sprott. If you just want to get some money out of the country, you could always do or CMI gold silver. Both are good organizations.