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Comment: who do they bang for? what police department?

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who do they bang for? what police department?

the first thing she did right was pull into a well lite area. those kind of gang members like to get you in a dark ally or someplace where they know there will be no security cameras so they can have their way with you.
once they find a peaceful victim they call the other gang members to bring more guns for intimidation purposes while they extort(ticket) you.
other than that i'm sure they're all real nice church going folks, they just like to shoot dogs and taser people for sport is all.

i have never found a good answer as to when they can pull you out of the car. i know they can search if a crime has been committed (no insurance) that requires the vehicle to be towed and they do a "inventory check" for your protection (yeah right).
not sure if they can pull you out for a speeding ticket. cops like to violate your rights so getting truthful info is tough. it may differ state to state depending on which gang territory you pass through.

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