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Comment: Smoking's bad for you.

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Smoking's bad for you.

Smoking's bad for you. Sorry. Ive had 3 relatives die from emphazema directly related to smoking. All sorts of other things are also bad for you.. id just as soon tell someone GMOs, MSG, vaccines, flouride and anything made out of corn, soy & wheat is a toxin as Id tell them cigirettes are bad for them. Infact, I generally don't say anything about cigs, because if you don't know by now... well...

The other things on the other hand, many don't know about.

Its not like the government doesn't want you to smoke. They make tons of money from your death that way. I mean when you smoke, essentially you're paying the government to kill you slowly over the span of years. The "only" reason they are making a show of changing the culture to anti-smoking is to A) Help people grow accustomed to the government telling us what we can and can't put into our bodies. B) Because they are killing us with enough other things that cigerettes are beggining to look like health food in comparison. C) Cigs are so obviously and transparently bad for you, that they can look like good guys in opposing them, even as they dump flouride and mercury onto young minds, destroying them for the rest of their lives.

Smoke if you want, I could care less... though I would prefer Libertarians had the sense not to so that they could outlive neocons and continue helping take back the gov.