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Comment: That's why I put steriotypically.

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That's why I put steriotypically.

Since when?

Since some guys decided it was so... I guess they (I'd argue wrongly) decided it was an opposite of emotion, rather than a different thing all together.

I don't think being more emotional makes one less capable of reason or vice versa, personally.

But it's more to do with systemizing than reasoning it seems...

I agree a thought can't be attributed to gender but can an observable behaviour, be found more in one gender than the other?

- Some of the more intriguing results reported in this study involve the Empathizer-Systemizer scale. The scale measures the tendency to empathize, defined as "the drive to identify another person's emotions and thoughts, and to respond to these with an appropriate emotion," and to systemize, or "the drive to analyze the variables in a system, and to derive the underlying rules that govern the behavior of the system." Libertarians are the only group that scored higher on systemizing than on empathizing—and they scored a lot higher. The authors go on to suggest that systemizing is “characteristic of the male brain, with very extreme scores indicating autism.” They then add, “We might say that liberals have the most ‘feminine’ cognitive style, and libertarians the most ‘masculine.’”

- Whilst experience and socialization contribute to the observed sex differences in empathy and systemizing, biology is also suggested to play a role and a candidate biological factor influencing E and S is fetal testosterone (FT) (PLOS Biology, 2011). FT levels are positively correlated with scores on the Systemizing Quotient[10] and are negatively correlated with scores on the Empathy Quotient

Though some participants have suggested the test did not take into account aspects of libertarianism - while these questions are well thought out, some still appeared to be "classic" left or right values indicators and not really indicative of the belief that liberty LEADS to more happiness, prosperity, and ultimately fairness.

I don't know about others but personally I'm a pretty sensitive person, I mean a girl I never met before decided I was the only man she trusted the other day?.. Admittedly sometimes I have to use reason to kick my emotional side into gear.