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Comment: You have a lot of research to do

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You have a lot of research to do

I would like to help. Although I have not tried any of these yet, others have had success, and it is purely logical argument. You must take in this information in the proper mindset, a liberty mindset.

The way I intend to handle my recent citation is in 2 separate actions. One to deal with their system, then 2 they will have to deal with my system, Common Law as specified by the 7th amendment. I think the most fun will be in step 2.

These 3 videos of Carl Miller along with the proper legal research will get your tickets dismissed.

The information on this website will show you how to act in your sovereign capacity, to right the wrongs done to you.

These are audio recordings of the most of the information on if you would rather listen than read.

Purchasing Jurisdictionary may be beneficial as well.

Good luck in your adventures in legal land.