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Comment: Infringe

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The word "infringe" means to violate or transgress. It means to encroach. So yes, all gun laws that limit the availability of a person to posses a gun are unconstitutional. Since the second amendment does not specify "gun" but "arms," the second amendment states that people have the right to own ANY ARMAMENT including LAW anti-tank weapons, flame throwers, machine guns, hand grenades, fighter jets and even thermonuclear arms.

Gun control is all 100% BS. If the government were sincere about reducing violence, it would not be stationing our troops in military bases all over the world. We would not have a standing army. Under Article One Section Eight of the U.S. Constitution, Congress may raise and support armies for a period of no longer than two years. So all present active duty military personnel are violating their oath to defend the US constitution.

Face it, we are living in post-constitutional Amerika. Chairman Mao had it right when he said that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. That is why Clinton, Bush and Obama want to limit our access to weapons, so that we would be politically powerless. Well they can all go intercourse themselves, for the right to self-preservation predates the US constitution. If they want to confiscate weapons, they had better have several million body bags available to haul away the mountain of dead government employees who try to enforce any confiscation.