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Comment: The universe embodies the Christ Consciousness

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The universe embodies the Christ Consciousness

like a cloud that fills all of space. Jesus was filled with Christ Consciousness and it spoke through him, because that Consciousness is God's mind in all creation.

When we come to Earth in a human body we forget who we are and forget our connection to the Christ Consciousness and God. When Jesus speaks of being the WAY and the TRUTH he speaks of the Christ Consciousness that is within him. It is only through becoming aware of Christ Consciousness such as it is in Jesus that we can become aware again of our connection to God.

I believe that is what Beloved Jesus was saying. It was basically too deep a concept for the people of the day, but it is well understood in Yoga and Hinduism, and the truth will be revealed by God and Jesus if you ask for an explanation during meditation or just before going to sleep. .