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Comment: BTW, my so called "false" dilemma is a real possibility.

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BTW, my so called "false" dilemma is a real possibility.

The majority of those counterpoints you brought up are completely worthless, logistically.

5. You could raise money to build a competing road (unrealistic/highly unlikely)
6. You could contact the biggest competitor of the current road owner, and lobby them to join you and others in building a competing road to challenge the "monopoly".(unrealistic/highly unlikely)
7. You could shame the company.(unrealistic/highly unlikely)
8. You could stage a protest or boycott ($10/day wouldn't last very long with zero paying customers.)(unrealistic/highly unlikely)
9. You could just not pay the toll and speed through.(bad advice coming from supposed rule of law type)
10. You could move within walking distance of work. Already suggested.. Although possible, problematic.
11. You could convince your company's owner to move to a more accessible location.(unrealistic/highly unlikely)
12. You could contact the road owner and try to have a sit-down with them to convince them that only charging $1/day would double his profits because more people would use the road at that price then at the $10/day price. Possible but again, unlikely.
13. Or what if simply, the road owner didn't charge $10/day as you assumed he would? What if he just charged $1? Possible and even may be more likely but lets not forget, that many of us drive on many more roads than just one.

I just don't like the idea of people owning throughways of commerce.. People depend on these roads to get everywhere. It's not the exact same as purchasing products. Much more complicated.

Also, keep in mind, when talking to me about this, that I would be happy if we went back to horses and dirt roads. Peoples ideas of progress is rarely mine.

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