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Comment: Intersting comment on that page..

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Intersting comment on that page..

What’s the point of having the Internet if you don’t give out the links? Duh!
Kelly says:
January 2, 2013 at 11:36 am

It was which has since been shut down. Here’s another article that gives more detail.

Notice how the spin on the article attempted to implicate the website in the threat. Now the PTB have a perfect patsy. Then this guy is making a gun-control pitch and echoing Obama's statements. Hopefully the "good guys" will get there in time to protect him from anyone who wanted to kidnap and drug him and set him up outside the school.

This is a little bit chilling. Now they are going to start blaming "conspiracy theory" sites for figuring out the stuff before it happens (I mean DUH - someone was going to put this together sooner or later).