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Comment: you are an inspiration man.

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you are an inspiration man.

the only real difference between you and I that I can see.... is that I am a master at a skilled trade that just keeps paying better and better.
yes, it is possible to get hit with a "domestic violence" charge for just email. if you get hit with one you need to fight it off and win. or you cannot own a gun. I say this because it was on the form I filled out when I bought my first handgun in 08.
that I could even get hit with such a thing pissed me off to no end.
at the time I was not aware that we were in a man hating police state.
but I must say that I think you have gone too far with it. I quit working for a time. my work directly supports.... well everything and everybody.
you have helped me to understand that I need to go back to work and the gym. your path is noble but self defeating.
we can do more if we are strong and have money. and that is the key.
yes, honey attracts barflies. women also find a fit older male to be very attractive.
strike a better balance for your kids if no one else.
you are FAR better off without a woman than you are with the wrong woman.
women are wonderful creatures. you have helped me to remember that they will look to you for leadership.
don't ask me why the crazy ones are the most fun..