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I am so sorry your family was torn apart...

What happened to your mother? Wasn't she the one who homeschooled you? Why did you end up going to high school, and was it government schools or private?

Don't you ever see your sisters or your mother? I feel really awful at what happened to your happy world. I was homeschooled growing up and now I homeschool our children and, well, I'm just so sorry for what you've gone through.

Are you a Believer in Christ? Do you have a good church family in California? The body of Christ can be a family away from family. Not living by family myself, our church family has been absolutely wonderful. In friendship and in good times as well as in crisis (I just had mono for 6 weeks & they made us meals and came and helped with the kids and cleaned my house, and prayed, prayed, prayed for my very severe case, etc...)