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At least, as a last resort,

At least, as a last resort, do NOT PAY them one penny! For an amount that small, I would just request a hearing/trial show up and politely tell the judge you are there to pay your debt to society, not with money, but you submit to jail time until your debt has been paid! She will likely get a few hours or less behind bars, and the judge may very well just tell her to leave as they only want money, not more work! Most places "pay" between $100 and $200 per day for time served. Anything else will require an attorney or months of legal research, and could land yourself in more trouble. If just 2% to 10% of us demanded to "sit out our debt to society" in jail, this whole corrupt system would collapse! At least the victimless traffic citations part! I would suggest we all start sitting out any small offense or traffic ticket in jail! Instead of feeding the beast, you are occupying it. Sure, you have to give up a few hours to a few days of time, but you can use that to educate everyone you come in contact with. Use sick days or vacation days, many times the judge will allow you to come over the weekend even. Take the path of civil disobedience.