Comment: Meet your child's future bus

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Meet your child's future bus

Meet your child's future bus driver! And your future cabby! He/she is also your local police officer too, for these robots works 24/7/365 like Johny 5.

Absolutely unreal, mind blowing. Blowup dolls, your time has come...for you will all soon go the way of the dinosaurs...blow up sex robots will soon take your place.

After viewing this video, I long is it before robots have, "human," skin?"

I don't own an I-pad, but my friend does. He said to me, "Ask Siri a question, any question."

I asked the I-pad what's 2,032 X 15....within 3 seconds I had an answer, and it was correct.

How long is it before the state implements robotic technology to its full draconian potential?

Of course state and federal law enforcement will push for this kind of technology in the near future, saying robots save taxpayers millions of dollars per year, and robots save the lives of, "human law enforcement."

The law enforcement of the future is not human.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.