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Something similar happened to

Something similar happened to me years ago when I was still "asleep". It was about 3am and I was on my way to a job I got a call for that started at 7am three hours away. Evidently my tailight was out so they pulled me over, asked me to step out of the car, asked if I had any weapons in the car(pocket knife) and then asked me if they could search the car...several other officers showed up during this time. I told them they could search if they liked. They questioned me as to where I was going, asked if I was drinking, etc. It was quite a gestapo type feeling, like I said though, I was asleep at the time and let them trample my rights. Of course they found nothing on the search, gave me a citation for the light and let me go....I then went to court, showed the reciept for a light and had the whole thing dropped. What a waste of taxpayer money.