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Now I'm completely lost! You responded, "Why is it my employers responsibility to pay for my road? He doesn't use it."

To which I responded, "I fail to see how your employer does not use the only road to his business? Is that even possible? Does he need workers to show up for work? Does he need supplies to be delivered from other vendors? Does he need to ship out his product? Does he ever come in to work too? The employer most certainly must use the road if as you say, it's the ONLY road to the business...probably more so than the employee."

And please don't insult my intelligence when your ability to express a point through text is lacking. Of course I've seen a grocery store on a road. Your statement says that the owner of the grocery story doesn't use the road to get to his grocery store! Huh?!!

OF COURSE it's your employers (or the grocery store owner's) responsibility to ensure people can access his store. Unfortunately, people like you have got together and confiscated all the land that was already being used by everyone to travel freely, and y'all used the force of gov't to monopolize the construction and maintenance of roads because people like you assume that greed corporations will come in and buy up all the roads and hike up tolls.

This is illogical on so many levels. If those corporations buy up all the roads and jack up tolls, no one would use them. The could charge a million dollars to cross their road, and no one would pay it. All you price fixers who have hidden and socialized the price of travel are responsible for most of the problems with all of the transportation industry from roads, to rails, to airplanes...all under the guise of, "well roads are different, they're infrastructure."

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!