Comment: A few things I'm working on

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A few things I'm working on

1. getting everyone in the family a passport. You need one to get out. I don't plan to leave but if it gets too dangerous I will send my wife and kids somewhere safe.

2. searching for acreage to begin a farming operation this year. I want to be a safe distance from population centers. Those will collapse first. I plan to build it into as self sufficient as possible. Water well, septic system, solar power, large enough garden, chickens for eggs, maybe pigs or cows for meat. I don't really want to rely on government services at all and very few contracted services.

3. investing in gold, silver, and oil and gas wells for cash flow when jobs are gone. These will all rise (and fall) with inflation so to protect purchasing power.

4. As someone stated below I am also increasing my excercising program. Physical fitness is a must for many aspects of getting through rough times.

5. already schedule the concealed carry training. I think I will need to be continuously armed in the future.

with luck I won't need much of an income to sustain a comfortable lifestyle and the oil and gas income will be more than adequate.

I'm not an expert at any of these things but it is what I feel I need to do to plan ahead. I also think that most of these things will improve my quality of life whether or not we have a collapse.